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Integrated yoga, meditation & healing practices for busy professionals



Integrated yoga, meditation & healing practices for busy professionals

You’re not the same as everyone else

  • Do you feel a lot of wellness practices are ‘one size fits all’?

  • Do you long for a personalised plan customised for your individual needs?

  • Do you feel ancient traditions might benefit from a 21st-century makeover?

Yoga & Wellness Retreats
Yoga Classes & Wellbeing Practices Designed Especially For You

Wellbeing practices designed especially for you

If you’re looking for an enriched wellness practice that acknowledges the diversity of the human experience, you’re in the right place.

I use intellect and intuition to teach personalised pathways to resilience, flexibility and stillness that are based on ancient wellness techniques supported by modern science. 


Healing practices for modern living


A Word From
Our Customers

"Ive been walking the spiritual path for years and practicing yoga for even longer. This retreat has brought me a kind of freedom i'd never known or believed to be possible. Still months after the retreat my heart is so open that even in the midst of the most challenging experiences I'm filled with grace and ease and the ability to face things effortlessly"



Your personal guide to renewed health & vitality

When you work with Zoe Sarah, you can look forward to:

Personalised yoga sequences that provide whole being transformation without increasing the time or intensity of a standard class

Reducing the stress and tension in your life with ancient techniques supported by modern scientific research

Knowing which healing and wellness modalities are right for you through the intuitive skills of your teacher

Finding effortless peace through self-healing, self-love and self-care

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Are you ready to honour the uniqueness of your body, mind and spirit?
Zoe Sarah, Intuitive Guide & Yoga Teacher

I’m Zoe Sarah & here’s what makes me unique

Above all else, I seek to meet each student where they are, and offer a warm, open space for exploration and curiosity. 

As an Empath, I have a unique ability to read individual energy, so I can adapt the flow of each class, session or workshop to harmonise the body, mind and spirit of every participant. 

I believe each of us is the unique culmination of our lived experience and none of us goes through life unscathed. Rather than trying to hide our struggles, I invite my students to embody their courage, beauty and willingness to show their imperfections to the world.

Although I have spent nearly three decades studying and teaching various styles of yoga, meditation and spiritual practices, I am also a massive science geek. Bringing cutting-edge research to breath and movement medicine is my absolute delight.


My teaching style is:

  • Intuitive, metaphysical and inspired

  • Courageous, honest and compassionate

  • Non-dogmatic, simple and playful

  • Traditional with a modern twist

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